how we began

Many readers have asked how The Thirsty Kitten was born, so here’s the story for all you good little girls and boys. One Friday evening, we (Lucy & Kip) were sipping a fine Pinot Noir from somewhere in northern California. This is a common occurrence on a Friday night at our house. There was also probably some good take-out food involved, as well. We can’t recall exactly what we were sipping that evening but most likely it was made by Martinelli or Williams Selyem. Whichever it was, the wine made us start dreaming, and I mean dreaming big.

Our real life cat, named Cat, who inspired The Thirsty Kitten.

Kip, who is the bigger dreamer of the two of us, said, “What if we started our own wine bar?!” We laughed. We’d had this conversation before and always said that if we ever did start our own wine bar, we’d name it The Thirsty Kitten, after out cat (whose real name is Cat). Cat far prefers drinking from a glass to drinking from a pet dish and is known to sip from any water glass left unattended for longer than a millisecond, a fact we dutifully warn our guests about. She will sniff anything, but actually only drinks water. She did put her paw in my cold coffee once and tasted it, but it was clear from the look on her face she thought it was disgusting and she’s stuck strictly to water ever since.

As we laughed about the notion of our wine bar, and sipped our lovely Pinot Noir, we came to our senses somewhat and realized we don’t have the wherewithall at this juncture to take on such an endeavor. So we decided instead to create a “virtual” wine bar where we could share what we love to do— sip, learn, and talk about wine. With wine glass in one hand, I grabbed my laptop in the other and started then and there to secure the domain name and set up this blog.  That very night, we wrote our first post, appropriately titled “Hello Kitty.” We introduced ourselves and our blog to the world and, thus, the Thirsty Kitten was born.

So you see, kids, dreams really do come true.