Cheers to Summer

As summer comes to a close, we find ourselves looking back with gratitude (yes, over a glass of wine) on some lovely sipping and dining in these last two months. So this week, we bring you a photographic toast to our summer highlights.

  • a stop in the Finger Lakes wine region to sip Ravines Wine Cellar’s lovely Dry Riesling,
  • going to summer camp! (Pinot Noir camp, that is), at The Wine Shop of Minnetonka,
  • finding a single malt, French whisky with a bubblegum aroma for Father’s Day that makes a perfect after dinner sipper. For the man who has everything. (Look for Brenne if you’d like some, too),
  • discovering a new favorite Minneaoplis restaurant (Spoon and Stable) and re-discovering an old one (Restaurant Alma),
  • continuing our quest for the perfect rosé,
  • finally finding wine glasses we can’t break (yes, plastic. BPA free, as a matter of fact) AND that actually look elegant and don’t ruin the experience of sipping (hallelujah for TaZa‘s “drama free wine glasses”), which made our patio sipping time all the more enjoyable,
  • blending our third vintage of Thirty Kitten Syrah with the wonderful crew at Judd’s Hill MicroCrush,
  • delightful introductions to Graham Elliot Bistro in Chicago and Fable in San Francisco
  • visiting Minneapolis’ Surly Brewing Company for the first time and discovering the beer can be elegant, too,
  • and trying out local wineries in Mendocino’s Ukiah for the very first time (Thanks for the fun, Rivino and Jaxon Keys. We’ll be back!)

With summer days waning, we simply wanted to take a moment to savor what’s left of this glorious season, our favorite, and wish you a happy summer before it slips past us. Cheers from all of us here at The Thirsty Kitten!

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  1. Lovely photo summary of your summer. Enjoy the last few days of August. Maybe we will connect in person soon. 2016 for sure! Bottling ’14 and harvest ’15 coming next at iOTA :)

  2. Thank you, Lynne! We smiled especially when we had your Phyllis rosé one week and the Phoebe rosé by Seth Kunin the next week. Felt like Phoebe and Phyllis should meet someday! Can’t wait to hear how the iOTA harvest goes this season. And I do hope to connect in person soon. Cheers!


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