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p l a f u l l y ∙ b o l d ∙ s e r i o u s l y ∙ p l a y f u l


You’ve landed here because you like wine…or kittens…or a good story…or maybe you’re just thirsty. Whatever the case, welcome!

We are Kip & Lucy, a couple of wine lovers who have been sipping together for a few decades now. What we appreciate most about wine is the experience, the sipping and the relishing, the stories of the wines and the winemakers, and the pleasure of good company as we enjoy the moment.

We write mostly about U.S. wines, mainly California and Oregon, because these are the regions we know best. We are especially fond of the “little guys” of the wine world— small producers, family owned, often with emphasis on sustainable farming, always with a passion for creating the best possible wine they can produce. You won’t find a point system for ranking wines here, but we’ll give you enough of a feel for a wine’s characteristics that you’ll know whether it appeals to your tastebuds or not.

We hope you’ll join us often. Without good company, wine is simply a beverage. But with friends, it becomes an occasion. Cheers!


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